Tuesday, July 5, 2011

• MSW, Graduate School of Social Work
• Faculty Interaction Coordinator
• Student Government Liaison

• BA in Management, with Honors
• Additional Major in Psychology and Minor in Marketing
• Candidate for Masters in Psychology

• Represented the disabled population of L.A. County
• Voted on issues regarding federal and state law
• Made policy recommendations to L.A. County Board of Supervisors

• Employee Assistance Program Counselor
• Counseled employees with personal problems
• Delivered peer support workshops

• Staff and Faculty Counselor
• Short term crisis intervention

• Individual therapy
• Family therapy
• Group therapy

• Psychiatric Assistant
• Led milieu therapy: substance, family, physical abuse

• Moderator of the Life and Computer Forum


Dr. Wise Young, Ph.D., University of Iowa; M.D., Stanford
Paul Nussbaum has been a moderator on the CareCure Community web site since 2001. He helped create the largest and most active spinal cord injury internet community in the world. With over 20,000 registered members, the site contains the latest information about care, cure, and life with spinal cord injury. The CareCure Community web site is visited by over 200,000 unique visitors who look at over a million page views every month.

Dr. Young serves as the Richard H. Shindell Chair Professor in Neuroscience and is Founding Director of the W. M. Keck Center for Collaborative Neuroscience at Rutgers University, NJ

Rutgers University

Jeffrey Brown, MBA, Stanford University

I recommend Paul Nussbaum for personal and family counseling as well as crisis management services. Paul’s special situation enables him to be perceptive and sensitive to the subtle yet critical needs of clients through face-to-face, online, and telephonic therapy sessions. I have known Paul for over 30 years and find his counsel relevant, objective, and life changing. Paul has trained for this career for 25+ years in a unique manner and under particularly trying circumstances. As a USC graduate with his Masters in Social Work, Paul has both academic training as well as real world experience in assisting others. Paul’s daily discipline and focus over the last 20 years enable him to counsel others to improve their situation regardless of where they are in life’s journey. Paul is one of the finest and most accomplished professionals I know. Paul’s dedication and personal effort to assist clients far exceed standard practice and expectations.

Jeffrey Brown is CEO, Brown Equity Partners, LLC ,19800 MacArthur Blvd. Suite 690 Irvine, California 92612

Brown Equity Partners

Bob Yant, BS, Univerity of California at Berkeley

For 25 years I have been a member of the national board of directors of the group that has become the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation. I have worked with Paul for 20 years and he has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for spinal cord injury research. Paul has always been the consumate professional. He has always proven to be dependable, reliable, and has at all times maintained complete confidentiality when dealing with sensitive issues regarding neurological research.

Bob Yant, Board of Directors Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation,636 Morris Turnpike, Suite 3A ,Short Hills, NJ 07078. Bob Yant is also the founder of Cure Medical

Mark Lewis, MBA, California State University at Long Beach

Paul Nussbaum has provided invaluable support to me in managing my corporate training business here in Tokyo. He has given insightful advice on numerous personnel matters involving issues such as motivation and reprimands, which has helped me resolve and often avoid serious problems. Additionally, Paul has provided the services of a "personal coach," acting as a sounding board and counseling me on issues that have helped me persevere and even triumph in some very difficult times. Mr. Nussbaum's integrity and level-headed advice should prove invaluable to anyone attempting to work through the complex interpersonal and moral issues. I would welcome any inquiry regarding the high quality of support Mr. Nussbaum is very capable of providing.

Mark Lewis, Managing Director Prolingua Executive Language Services 601 Southern Court Waseda Tokyo, Japan


Shelley Cohen, M.S.W., University of Southern California

I was a classmate of Paul Nussbaum at the University of Southern California. Getting into USC is a challenge as well as graduating from the University,. Academically, the standards are high but what is most important is how one performs in the field as a therapist. I can tell you from knowing Paul and seeing his performance reports in the field, that he received the highest evaluation possible to obtain. Grades are one thing, but performance in the field as a clinician is what USC is looking for before one can graduate with their MSW. Without hesitation I recommend Paul Nussbaum as a professional when it comes to helping people in resolving their life problems.

Shelley Cohen, LCSW, 420 So. Beverly Drive, Suite `100, Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Jill Gottlieb, M.S.W., University of Southern California

I am writing on behalf of Paul Nussbaum, a fellow colleague. In Mr. Nussbaum’s capacity as a clinical social worker, I know him to be bright, hard working and dependable. He demonstrates a high level of involvement with his clients, and is always responsive to their individual needs. He exhibits a quality of professionalism and expertise that is stellar. His clinical skills are sound, and his ability to communicate is excellent. He has the ability to work amongst a multi-disciplinary team, and is well liked. His work has always exemplified a high level of knowledge, as well as the psychodynamics of any case at hand. He presents as a sensitive and empathic person, as evidenced by the connections he easily makes. Mr. Nussbaum is surely an asset to any program or agency with which he might be involved.

Jill Gottlieb, LCSW, 550 S. Vermont, La, Ca, 90020

Dr. David Viscott, M.D., Dartmouth, Tufts University

I strongly recommend Paul Nussbaum. He has an understanding of stress acquired from the freeway shooting that would provide great immeasurable psychiatric benefits to others in their own recovery process. He is supportive and offers an exceptional beneficial reinforcement to the process of resocialization and will encourage individuals to strive even more diligently to recover from their emotional trauma.

Dr. David Viscott was the author of over a dozen books, a Professor of Psychiatry at UCLA, taught at the University Hospital in Boston, hosted a talk radio psychiatry show, and founded and managed the Viscott Center for Natural Therapy in Beverly Hills.

Wikipedia for Dr. David Viscott

Cherise Lathan, PT, DPT, University of Southern California

I recommend Paul Nussbaum for personal and family counseling as well as crisis management services. I have had the opportunity to work with Paul as one of his physical therapists. He is extremely hard working and committed to his health and wellness on a level I have never seen. He is also an incredible voice and advocate for the spinal injured population. He has an ability to communicate difficult and complex principles to others with spinal injuries and counsel from his experiences while being caring and the utmost professional. Paul Nussbaum is someone I would love to work with on an interdisciplinary team in any rehabilitation setting. His education, clinical skills, and own personal experiences make him a great candidate to help anyone resolve any life problem.

Dr. Cherise Lathan is on the faculty of physical therapy at the Keck Medical Center of USC, and is a professor of clinical physical therapy at the University of Southern California.

USC Division of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy